September 2018

Global Fitness Leader Turns to No Cow

Sometimes all it takes is a little help from your friends.

We’re pumped to feature a story from No Cow Ambassador, Dan McDonogh. Dan shared how he made the choice to be more conscious about what he’s putting into his body. This led to the transition from dairy-induced “low energy, constant headaches, and digestive problems” to a plant-based diet that included No Cow as his go-to protein bar. Check out how he made the move:

“Like most, I was never too concerned with what I ate when I was younger. I was blessed with a fast metabolism. In my 20’s and even well into my 30’s, I was more concerned with how I ‘looked and performed’ than how ‘I felt.’ Did I try to get the right amount of protein, carbs and fats? Yes. However, I wasn’t necessarily concerned with the source of my food, how it was produced, nor the ingredients. That all changed a few years ago after I went through a period of suffering from burn-out, low energy, constant headaches and digestive problems. Trying to get to the root of all of those problems was a major task in itself, but one thing I never paid close attention to was my diet. It wasn’t until I had a conversation with a nutritionist friend of mine that I took a serious look into what I was putting into my body.

After a lengthy discussion, he suggested I make a couple of small adjustments to my diet to see if I noticed any change in my digestion and low-energy. I had used whey protein for as long as I remembered and for years I never experienced digestive issues. He recommended making the switch from whey to plant-based protein.

As I researched I noticed there were a ton of plant-based brands, blends and flavors. I experimented with a handful and will certainly admit that more than one of them were dumped out because they tasted like cardboard! One thing that most definitely was important to me was taste! After several experiments, I finally found a plant-based protein powder that I enjoyed and after a few days of using the brand, I noticed that my stomach wasn’t bloated, especially in the mornings.

I recently discovered No Cow bars at a fitness convention and was very surprised at not only how tasty they are, but the quality of ingredients that are in them! They became my ‘go-to’ when I don’t have time for a meal or when I ride my bike because they’re super palatable and easy to digest when I exercise.

Along with switching to plant-based protein powder and bars, I have made a more conscious effort to buy non-GMO and organic products. As I get older I keep trying to do a better job at making daily decisions that contribute to better health and a better world.”

As one of the most globally recognized fitness professionals, Dan has traveled the world inspiring and educating thousands of fitness fanatics and consumers for the last 20 years. His passion for health, fitness and sports shaped into a full-time career. He received a handful of awards including a Top 10 Personal Trainer in Canada (2008), 2012 IDEA Group Fitness Instructor of the Year, and 2015 IDEA Finalist Program Director of the Year.

Dan is also the Co-founder of a global non-profit called Rooster Racing, which is comprised of cyclists and fitness enthusiasts who raise awareness and funds for special causes and charities. In 2015, he was recruited by Under Armour to be the Senior Manager of Performance Training.

We hope you enjoyed hearing Dan’s story as much as we did, and we’re STOKED to have him a part of the No Bull Society. Head to this link to learn more about our ambassador program and apply!