November 2018

#RealGoodEnergy – The Theory Behind the No Cow Energy Bar

In case you missed it, we just released our new Energy Bars about a week ago and we’re stoked! Dairy-free, high protein, only 1 gram of sugar AND 45 mg of caffeine – these were created to fuel you with #RealGoodEnergy. Many might wonder what #RealGoodEnergy actually means, so we thought we’d give ya a little more background on why we brought these bars to life.

Most energy bars out there today are more or less a candy bar in disguise. Tons of sugar, and not enough protein. We noticed there weren’t many low sugar alternatives that provided a cleaner, more sustainable source of energy. While sugar can be “an energy source”, we shot for a different, better approach.

Instead, we threw in some patented coffee bean flour: slow roasted coffee beans crushed up into fine flour. Notta lot, though, only about half a cup of coffee’s worth (45mg). Just enough to give you little boost. This is the #RealGoodEnergy we’re talkin’ about. None of that refined caffeine those white coats make in the labs, but a natural, cleaner source. On top of that, we threw in 12 grams of pea + brown rice + faba bean protein to give you more balance for your buck while sticking to our dairy-free roots.

All healthy stuff aside – when’s the best time to chow down on these bars? Here are our top 3 recommendations:

1. Pre-workout FUEL.

A good mix of carbs, protein, and that extra boost of caffeine can help fuel your next PR. Plus you might not get the jitters like you could on all those other pre-workout supplements! No whey! These will keep you alive, jiving and thriving throughout your workout.

2. Morning/afternoon BOOST.

Why not sub out that 2nd cup of coffee with something that fills you up (and tastes AHHmazing, too)? Grab one of these on our way out the door or munch on one around 2-3pm before the mid-day nap monster comes to haunt you and take the fun out of your day.

3. Hike, Run, Bike, FUN.

If you love the outdoors as much as we do (shout out to our neighborly Coloradoans!), you probably like to take a little fuel with you. Whether that’s hiking, biking, or spelunking (if you’re into that stuff), nobody likes a hangry outdoor companion, so take a Chocolate Sea-Salt energy bar for the trail. There, there, sweet child, be calm and trek on.

Although these are only a few ideas, we’re SURE some other brilliant minds will put more use to these bad boys! We’re stoked to bring them to the world and hope you like them as much as we do! Now available in store at Vitamin Shoppe nationwide, or online through Amazon and our website!