December 2018

Jingle Bells, No Cow Tells, a Dairy-Free Holiday!

Warm fires, snowmen, dairy-free milk and protein cookies, and all the CLASSIC holiday movies with the family. What a wonderful time of year. The latest gossip from the North Pole: Santa was thinking about switching to a plant-based diet – since Rudolph and Blitzen were telling him all the healthy benefits. We take their word for it.

To get you in the mood for the holiday season, we thought we’d write you a little holiday jingle. We’d sing it to you, but we’re waiting for the next round of American Idol auditions to come through Denver. Just saving our vocal cords, that’s all.

A Dairy-Free Holiday Carol 

Jingle bells, here we tell, a dairy-free hol-i-day,

Blueberry bar – to fuel PR’s, for your fitness goals today – HEY! 

Jingle bells, pour some almond-milk, for Santa on Christmas Eve,

Chocolate sea-salt  for 2019, a New Year with some #realgoodenergy,

Jingle bells, what’s that smell? 

Mom baked potato latkes!

1, 2, yeah, we’ll have a few,

And hit our macros goal with glee,

Jingle bells, can’t you tell, we love the holidays?

We’ll probably just stick to making dairy-free protein & energy bars because we can’t think of anything else to say!

This just in – we’re now hiring for a part-time Holiday Carol Composer – please send all resumès and cover letters with your best jingle to 😉

But seriously, happy holidays from all of us at No Cow! May you stay warm, fit, and dairy-free!