Hi There!

I’m Daniel, but everyone just calls me D. I’m currently 20 years old and founded D’s in 2015 after developing a dairy sensitivity, a problem plaguing a significant portion of the worldwide population. As a health nut, I was on the hunt for a dairy free protein bar that was low in sugar. To my amazement, I came up empty handed.

My personal need for quality nutrition led to the creation of The No Cow Bar, and soon after D’s was born. An idea for a better product quickly turned into a category-defining brand; One that can now be found in roughly 12,000 stores nationwide. Having lived on the floor of my office up until just a few months ago, it’s my promise to you that this company will be much more than just another product on the shelf. We’re not a large company that takes short cuts to improve profitability, nor will we ever be. Our consumers are our friends and we get great satisfaction out of knowing that we’re delivering quality products to make their lives easier.

D Katz, Founder

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