Sabina Kim X No Cow


Hi besties!

My name is Sabina Kim, but most people just call me Sabs! I am a personal trainer as well as a content creator on Instagram and TikTok. Growing up in the competitive dance community, a lot of bad eating habits and body image issues started to arise from a young age. I was not educated on properly fueling my body and it grew to me having high self doubt and constantly putting myself down on how my body looked and that only sky rocketed once I entered high school/college. Constantly thinking about how I looked. Either, not wanting to look in the mirror or CONSTANTLY looking. One day, I decided to take my life back. I wanted to enjoy snacks, drinks, and meals without feeling guilty. I wanted to look at myself in the mirror and genuinely think I looked beautiful no matter how my body looked that day. I educated myself on the importance of macro/micronutrients, the quality of ingredients, and proper exercise techniques. Now, that I’ve helped myself, my goal is to spread awareness to my audience and let you know I’ve been there. Whether it’s gym anxiety, body image issues, etc. You’re not alone and I’m so happy you’re here.


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