Hi protein.
Bye sugar.

Non-dairy protein, ridiculously low sugar and big taste. We’re all about good in, good out and living a life full of flavor. Take a bite of the future.

We get you. We’ll spot you.

We started No Cow when we couldn’t find high-quality, non-dairy protein bars. Turns out there’s a lot of hype and hidden stuff in “healthy” foods. So No Cow isn’t just for the dairy intolerant, it’s for the bull$#*t intolerant. Those who choose to live a healthy life and demand better.

  • If this doesnt make you hungry we quit  Zoom
  • Bars outta the bag now  ONE DAY TO GO
  • We spy with our little eyes  something PEANUT BUTTER
  • Thats some RealGoodEnergy   Available on our website vitaminshoppe