Our Story

Hey. I’m Daniel, but everyone just calls me D. 

I became passionate about my health and fitness at a very young age. When I was in high school, I counted my calories, weighed my food, the whole nine. I also had a passion for turning my ideas into reality. Even if that idea was as crazy as selling reptiles out of my parents’ basement (which yes, actually happened). Something about the journey of coming up with an idea, manifesting it, and making it happen fascinates me, and I love it.

At 18, I was still very dedicated to my fitness and was always on the go. I was pretty much living on whey protein bars, but they gave me horrible stomach aches. Turns out, like most people, I have issues with dairy. When I couldn’t find dairy-free protein bars that were also low in sugar, I made my own in my mom’s kitchen and called them No Cow.

Of course, it wasn’t that easy, and there were a lot of mistakes made in the process (like spelling “chocolate” wrong on the packaging, which also happened). Now, I’m confident that we have the best dairy free, high protein, and ridiculously low sugar fuel you need to get through your routine. Oh and not to mention with big taste. Being healthy and fit are choices I make, not sacrifices. I’m not chasing some finish line. I started No Cow for me, and now we’re doing it for you. If you think we ever come up short, call me on it!

D Katz, Founder & CEO