A Simple Yoga Flow To Improve Flexibility by Susie Frank

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Today we have a simple yoga flow from Yoga teacher Susie Frank (@susievanessayoga)! Try this once a week to improve general flexibility and mobility! Get your day started off with 5 different parts to help open your spine, shoulders and hips. Swipe through each video below to view the 5 different yoga sequences. The description of each flow is written below and separated by the video slide corresponding to Susie's Instagram post.


  • Simple Fold with hands laced up behind back and folding forward to crown of the head to stretch shoulders.
  • Followed by CAT/ COW stretches—
  • Transition to down dog
  • Shift back and forth between down dog and up-dog
  • Pause in up-dog and lift each leg 2 times and squeeze butt
  • Pull knees to chest in down dog and gaze back at feet for shoulder opening
  • Start in a 3 legged dog with right leg high and then shift towards plank pulling knee to nose
    • Repeat 2 -3 times then lift leg and flip dog landing toe behind and lifting an arm.
  • Pull leg back up and bring knee to nose again.
  • Switch sides.
  • Tip Toe to the top of mat
  • Lace hands behind back and fold in
  • Return to down dog and lift right leg stepping foot forward and setting up a high lunge
  • Shift onto right leg and fold over into standing split
  • Step foot back and bring left knee to the floor and
  • Start to twist to the right stretching the left hip flexor.,
  • Optional choice of bending back leg
  • Shift back up and straighten both legs and optional choice of moving into splits or modified splits
  • This is the back-bending sequence working now and chin/ chest/knee pose
  • This is the hip mobility sequence. Do all or some of these moves.


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