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How do I sign up?

Super easy! Enter your info HERE to create a account.

Or, if you aleady have an account, just log in and click the "Plant Powered Rewards" button at the top of your account page, and you'll be taken to your rewards dashboard where you can complete actions and claim rewards.

How do I earn points? Do they expire?

Once you create an account, you'll be able to see specific actions you can take to earn points, and follow the instructions provided to earn.

Points that aren't used within 6 months after earning them will expire.

How do I check my points balance?

You can find your points balance by scrolling down within your account!

How do I claim rewards?

Scroll down to the "REWARDS" section of your rewards account and, if you have enough points to claim a reward, click "Claim Reward" below it.

For discounts, you'll need to copy the voucher code and paste it into the coupon code field during checkout. Please note: you can not apply coupon codes to subscription products at this time.

Can I use rewards for subscriptions?

Unfortunately you can not use discount vouchers on subscription orders at this time.

I completed an activity but didn't receive points, why?

While you'll receive some points instantaneously after you complete an action, other actions have an "approval period" that our system goes through before distributing the points, just so everything checks out.

For example, if you complete a purchase, you won't receive the points for that purchase until 21 days after the date of purchase in case you need to return the order, etc.

How do the tiers work? How will I know if I'm platinum or diamond?

The higher your tier, the more benfits you'll unlock! Plant Powered Rewards members have 3 different tiers: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. When you sign up, you'll automatically start in the Gold tier. You'll be able to level up to the next tier once you spend and earn a certain point threshold.

Everybody starts in Gold once they create a No Cow account, while Platinum ($200+ spend), and Diamond ($500+ spend) require certain spend amounts to reach. With each tier, you'll also unlock new benefits and redemption opportunities, all the while being able to claim discounts on future orders.

Can I use more than one reward on a purchase?

Unfortunately you can only use one discount per order per month, as you're not able to "stack" discounts in our system.

How long does my Tier status last?

Your tier status will last 12 months from the day that you reach it. So, if you reach platinum in June, you will remain in platinum until June of the following year.

I tried to get points for signing up for THE VIP Text Club, but it didn't work

Reach out to us at and we'll help you with that!